UV curing machine(HTCS-II-FS400200-BH)

1.The device supports real-time monitoring of UV LED current, UV LED fault alarm function and energy-saving protection function.

2.The equipment provides optional continuous mode and back-end mode. In continuous mode, click the start button, the UV machine conveyor belt and UV LED has been working, click the stop button to stop the UV machine; in the back-end mode, click the start button, the UV machine conveyor belt and UV LED start to work, when the back-end sensor senses the product, the conveyor belt and UV LED stop working, and continue when the product is taken away Enter the next cycle.

3.The equipment has the functions of digital dimming, delay turning off the fan and heating fan, querying the historical irradiation time, etc.

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Main Model HTCS-II-FS400200-BH
Dimensions of UV Machine L1500mm*W670mm*H1500mm
Light Source Size L460mm*W260mm*H110mm
Light Emitting Area 400mmx200mm
Wavelength 365/385/395/405 (optional)
Optical Power Density 365nm 385nm 0.8W/cm²(10mmirradiation distance)
395nm 405nm 1.2W/cm² (10mmirradiation distance)
LED Brand Seoul, Korea
Lamp Bead Life 20000H
Cooling Method air cooled
Control Method PLC control
Parameter Settings touch screen operation
Power Regulation Digital Dimming (10-100%)
Speed Setting 0.5-5m/min
Voltage AC100V-AC240V (50/60HZ)
Power Consumption 2000W
Net Weight 145KG
Ambient Temperature and Humidity Ambient temperature:-20-40°CRelative humidity:25%-80%RH
Warranty Time 1 year