UV LED Offset Printing(HTJP-II-SE105040-NH-3)

1. The device supports external IO signal control, which is associated with the speed signal of the printing machine, and the optical power is automatically adjusted with the speed of the printing machine.

2. The device supports the real-time monitoring function of light source current, voltage and temperature. When the light source is abnormal, the device will give an alarm and automatically turn off the UV LED.

3. The device supports manual mode and automatic mode. Manual mode: stand-alone debugging mode, no need to be associated with the printing machine to run, and the signal runs independently. Automatic mode: needs to be associated with the signal of the printing machine, and the device runs synchronously with the printing machine.

4.The equipment supports functions such as remote control of water chillers, digital dimming, historical alarm information, and query of irradiation time.


Main Model HTJP-II-SE105040-NH-3
Light Source Size L1218mm*W90mm*H107mm
Light Emitting Area 1050mmx40mm
Wavelength 385nm (customizable)
Optical Power Density 385nm 20W/cm² (customizable)
Cooling Method water cooling
Control Method PLC control
Parameter Settings Touch screen operation + IO remote operation
Power Regulation Digital dimming (1-100%)
Voltage AC100V-AC240V (50/60HZ)
Power Consumption 33KW
Ambient Temperature and Humidity Ambient temperature:-10-50°C Relative humidity:25%-80%RH