UV area light source(SZUV-II-FS200100-BL)

1. The device supports external IO signal control, RS485 Modbus-RTU communication protocol, and can remotely operate related parameters.

2. The equipment provides automatic mode and manual mode for selection. In automatic mode, the equipment performs according to the irradiation time you set. Curing, automatically turn off the UV LED after the countdown; in manual mode, the device needs to manually turn on the UV LED, and record the curing time in real time.

3. The equipment has functions such as digital dimming, delay turning off the cooling fan, and historical irradiation time query.


Main Model SZUV-II-FS200100-BL
Host Dimensions L320mm*W206mm*H153mm
Light Source Size L239mm*W150mm*H88mm
Light Emitting Area 200mmx100mm
Wavelength 365/385/395/405 (optional)
Optical Power Density 365nm 385nm 1.2W/cm²(10mmirradiation distance)
395nm 405nm 1.8W/cm² (10mmirradiation distance)
Cooling Method air cooled
Control Method MCU control
Parameter Settings Touch screen operation + RS485 remote operation
Power Regulation Digital dimming (1-100%)
Voltage AC100V-AC240V (50/60HZ)
Power Consumption 600W
Ambient Temperature and Humidity Ambient temperature:-10-50°C Relative humidity:25%-80%RH