How to choose a UV LED oven?

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With the continuous maturity of UV LED curing technology, more and more UV LED curing equipment and large and small brands appear on the market. Let's share how to buy UV LED ovens, hoping to help everyone.

  1. Size and capacity of UV LED oven: Select the appropriate oven size and capacity according to the size and quantity of items to be processed.

  2. The number and power of UV LED oven lamp tubes: the number and power of ultraviolet lamp tubes in a UV LED oven are important factors affecting its drying effect. Generally speaking, the more lamp tubes there are, the greater the power and the better the drying effect. But at the same time, energy consumption will increase accordingly.

  3. Temperature and time control: Choose a UV LED oven with reliable temperature and time control functions to ensure the best drying effect when processing items.

UVLED oven

  4. Safety: UV LED ovens should have good safety performance, including explosion-proof, leakage-proof, etc.; the intensity of ultraviolet radiation inside the oven should meet relevant safety standards to avoid harm to the human body.

  5. Brand and after-sales service: Choose a UV LED oven from a well-known brand to obtain better product quality and after-sales service guarantee; understanding after-sales service policies and maintenance costs is also one of the factors that need to be considered when choosing an oven.

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